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"Writing Your Own Curriculum"

Course Description:

One of the key measures of quality is the degree to which the program offered is developmentally appropriate for the children served. An effective strategy to achieve this quality is to design your own curriculum. Who, besides the parents, knows the children and what they need better than you, the provider of care?

The goal of this course is to encourage caregivers to write curriculum. To do this, participants will

  • 1. Choose a topic, adapt the process demonstrated in this course, and create curriculum for use within the child care program.
  • 2. Write three goals and at least two objectives related to the goal.
  • 3. Develop at least one week’s worth of activities in at least five areas regularly used in child care.

This course provides 1 hour of training in (1) Principles of Childhood Development and 2 hours of training in (3) Child Day Care Program Development. As you read information included with this course, you will create curriculum for your program on a topic of your choosing. All information needed to answer the questions correctly is available in the materials sent to you. A variety of activities are included, for a possible total of 50 points.

Once Training Unlimited is notified of your purchase by PayPal, your course will be emailed directly to you. If you prefer the course be mailed to you, please state that in the “instructions” section of the PayPal payment page, or call Lynn Morris. Courses may also be purchased by check or money order, or by a valid, signed Educational Incentive Program voucher available at if you qualify.

If your score is 80% or higher, your answer page, with comments, will be mailed or emailed to you within one week of its receipt by Training Unlimited. Your certificate will be mailed the same day your course is corrected.

If you receive a grade less than 80%, you will receive a phone call, a letter, or an email and have the opportunity to correct your work. A certificate will then be mailed to you indicating you have passed the course. Your course must be corrected and your score must reach 80% to receive a certificate.

For any questions regarding this course, please contact Lynn Morris at Training Unlimited by calling 518-669-3494 or emailing

All certificates are mailed to you; there are no exceptions. However, certificates can be emailed directly to a licensor or registrar. Call for more information if you need this service or if your course will need to be corrected immediately. There is an additional $20 charge for courses that must be graded within 24 hours of submission. This charge includes emailing certificates, immediately upon grading, to a licensor or registrar. This service is NOT always available, so please call or email first.

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